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CPBA Hitting Program
Through weekly hitting lessons, our hitters will develop their fundamental skill-set, mental approach, and baseball IQ as a competitive, athletic hitter.  Our hitters will……
  • Establish a dynamically balanced hitting base

  • Develop a quiet head, quiet feet, and quiet eyes

  • Develop rhythm – separation – direction – controlling your moving parts

  • Understand Stride and swing separation

  • Develop Lower body front and rear side engagement         

  • Understand and execute hitting from the back side into the front side

  • Develop Hips and hands separation

  • Stay centered – Staying stacked

  • Develop body and pitch timing

  • Be an athlete in the box

  • Maximize contact zone and plate coverage

  • Allow pitches to get deeper in zone

  • Develop pitch recognition

  • Create a Mental approach – WIN THIS PITCH Mentality

  • Understand and execute situational hitting

  • Understand count hitting

  • Learn to compete in the batter’s box

  • Participate in video work

  • Utilize BLAST Sensor hitting technology

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